Welcome to Children of Heroes!

A messenger on a well worn horse gallops into town and dismounts right at the gate of your home. He jumps the waist-height gate and sprints up the walkway. He pulls a scroll from his satchel and presents it to you. After you take it, he flops down onto the front step and pulls a wineskin from his bag and takes a long drink from it as he catches his breath.

The text on the scroll reads:

“I extend you the most humble of greetings. You do not know me, but I knew your parents. Of course, many can make that claim; some with honesty and humility and others ill-feelings and hatred. I can assure you that my intentions are most honorable. Many years ago the actions of your parents helped to save this world and they have rightfully earned much fame, fortune, and honor. For some time, the world has prospered under the boon of their actions but now it is again time for some to rise and do right by the world. We turn our hopes to you now. We look to you to take on the role that your parents took up so long ago.”

For what reason will you choose to save the world:

Honor, Love, Money, Spite, Knowledge, Glory, or Redemption?

Children of Heroes